Enterprise Distributed DBMS

TDSQL for PostgreSQL

  • TDSQL-A for PostgreSQL is Tencent's proprietary distributed analytic database system. It adopts a shared-nothing architecture, offers a proprietary column storage engine with a high compression ratio and a high-performance new-generation vectorized execution engine, and supports hybrid row/column storage. It features the complete atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) capabilities of distributed transactions, compatibility with PostgreSQL and Oracle syntax, and multi-level disaster recovery and security capabilities, providing you with efficient storage and online analytical processing (OLAP) services for massive amounts of data at the gigabytes to petabytes levels.
  • Hybrid Row/Column Storage
  • TDSQL-A for PostgreSQL offers hybrid row/column storage capabilities with high cost-effectiveness to sustain efficient hybrid row/column computing. Its proprietary column storage supports multiple compression algorithms and levels and features adaptive compression capabilities and a high compression ratio.
  • Ultra-High Performance Based on Fully Parallel Architecture
  • TDSQL-A for PostgreSQL adopts a distributed shared-nothing architecture to process inter-node, intra-node, and intra-operator computations in full parallel. Plus, its efficient vectorized execution engine, late materialization technology, and ability to return results for trillions of correlated subqueries within seconds all contribute to the smooth storage and computing of petabytes of data.
  • High Security and Availability
  • TDSQL-A for PostgreSQL separates the permissions of security, audit, and database admins, supports transparent data encryption, data masking, forced access control, and comprehensive audit, and features multi-level disaster recovery and high availability.
  • Smooth Business Migration
  • TDSQL-A for PostgreSQL is compatible with SQL 2011 standards, PostgreSQL syntax, and Oracle syntax. Plus, it supports stored procedures, views, and triggers, and comes with migration tools for quick migration.
  • Complete Transaction Capabilities
  • TDSQL-A for PostgreSQL has complete transaction ACID capabilities to guarantee the global consistency of distributed transactions. Its proprietary patented technologies ensure the consistency and efficiency of the distributed architecture.
  • Powerful Data Governance Capabilities
  • TDSQL-A for PostgreSQL is capable of efficient online auto scaling, automated hot/cold data separation, warehousing data in multiple methods, quick interconnection with other databases through FDW-based foreign tables, and quick data migration from TencentDB.