Multi-Media Solutions

Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC)

  • Run a demo within one minute and build solutions for audio/video calls or interactive live streaming within 30 minutes
  • Let TRTC make your next real-time interaction smoother. TRTC offers all-platform SDKs for web, mobile, and desktop as well as cross-platform SDKs for Unity, Electron, and Flutter to help you quickly deploy your services globally.
  • Video Call
  • TRTC lets you quickly embed one-to-one and group video call features into your web, mobile, or desktop applications to enable advanced technical capabilities like screen sharing, virtual streaming, special effects, and beauty filters.
  • Audio Call
  • TRTC helps you quickly build smooth, high-quality, and personalized interactive audio scenarios. It features amazing cutting-edge technical capabilities, including AI-based noise reduction, 3D spatial audio, diverse sound effects, and speaker highlighting.
  • Interactive Live Streaming
  • You can quickly integrate the high-quality interactive live streaming feature into your applications at low costs, which allows one million concurrent online users to watch live streams at an ultra low latency of below one second and minimal stutter.
  • On-Cloud Recording
  • Audio/video streaming media can be recorded in a custom way during real-time interaction for backup, VOD playback, and content moderation.

Tencent Cloud Streaming Service

  • Tencent Cloud Streaming Services (CSS) provides developers with end-to-end services for live audio and video streaming. Backed by Tencent's powerful audio/video platforms, globally-deployed acceleration nodes, and leading AI technologies in audio and video, CSS offers live stream publishing, transcoding, distribution, and playback capabilities that guarantee ultra-low latency and ultra-high video quality for huge volumes of concurrent users.
  • High Concurrency and Low Latency
  • Leading live streaming into the era of millisecond-level latency, easily coping with millions of concurrent viewers, excellent weak network resistance, catering to high concurrency, low cost, instant start, and ultra-clear playback experience for standard live streaming.
  • Professional Video Processing
  • Provide rich cloud-based audio and video processing capabilities such as Top Speed Codec (TSC) Transcoding, adaptive bitrate, recording, time shifting, real-time subtitles, screencapture, watermark, standby stream, etc., to meet your diverse scenario requirements.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility
  • Offer various access methods, including iOS, Android, and Flutter, support multiple protocol access such as RTMP, WebRTC, DASH, SRT, QUIC, and more. You can quickly develop and customize your own live streaming room within a few minutes.
  • Security and Anti-piracy
  • Through various live streaming encryption technologies, comprehensive detection and protection are achieved, reducing the risk of piracy. Provide more professional Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions to fully protect your video security.

Video on Demand

  • Enjoy high-quality media services on a one-stop video-on-demand (VOD) platform, including audio/video production, upload, storage, transcoding, media processing, media AI, accelerated delivery and playback, and copyright protection.
  • Industry-Leading Upload Acceleration
  • Upload media files conveniently with multiple upload methods offered by VOD. Its multi-origin upload acceleration solution reaches a 99.5% success rate for file upload under poor network conditions.
  • Unique Smart Cold Storage
  • Customize cold storage policies based on playback frequency, storage duration, and other metrics. VOD's smart cold storage feature has helped customers worldwide reduce their storage costs by over 10 million dollars.
  • All-Around Copyright Protection
  • Eliminate security risks such as piracy, unauthorized recording and download, and hotlinking with VOD's proprietary encryption solution that can quickly and accurately track the IDs of malicious users.
  • VOD and Live Streaming
  • Perform secondary delivery, generate more traffic, and seize market trends instantly with diverse capabilities like live recording, live clipping, pseudo-live streaming, time shifting, and cold storage.
  • Clearer and Smarter Transcoding Service
  • Take advantage of Top Speed Codec transcoding and real-time hot/cold media asset recognition, which have helped leading media customers reduce their transfer and storage costs by over 50%.
  • Media Content Processing
  • Boost your business with dozens of media processing features that deliver faster transcoding speed, better compression ratio, and higher image quality.
  • Accurate and Efficient AI Recognition
  • Leverage AI technology to recognize and analyze images, audio, and videos for better content moderation, creation, and management as well as personalized video recommendations.
  • Best-in-Class Media SDKs
  • Provide a better, faster, and smoother VOD service that is optimized based on over 3 billion daily playbacks and 10 million daily short video edits.
  • Comprehensive Playback Quality Monitoring
  • Collect, aggregate, and filter multidimensional playback statistics in real time, visually analyze service metrics, and comprehensively monitor service quality.

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